Little Skyscraper.

My name is Carla, i am fifteen years old and live in Chile.
I love McFly, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.
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He is my role model, he is everything to me, taught me to say WHO I AM, I did enjoy the one day to the fullest and until I met him why is my inspiration, thanks you very much Nick Jonas
Finally, he taught me that despite it costs to do things can come true with a lot of effort but it can and never forget that phrase NEVER SAY NEVER, thank you Justin Bieber

Su risa malvada

Su risa inesperada 

Su risa tierna

Su risa desesperada

Su risa picara

su risa rara

Todas perfectas para mi 

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Estoy como:

Mi idolo se habra cuidado esa noche?

Tendré que llamarlo para contarle la noticia

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Eres fea:

Eres gorda:

Niall es horrible:

^ Eso y más.

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